Quallofil Fusion®: A fibre cushion that lasts

Quallofil® Fusion: soft, comfortable, long lasting.

The initial look and feel of fibre cushions is exactly what furniture designers are looking for ... and consumers love the softness and comfort of fibre.
But designers often specify foam instead, to avoid risk of after sales complaints on fibre cushions.

What’s wrong with foam in furniture cushions?

“Cushions on my sofa don’t feel the same as each other”.

“We’ve tested the foam and it is within specification”.

Sound familiar? Heard these comments before? Foam hardness can vary up to 30% and still be “within spec”.

Considering what they pay for a sofa

...consumers deserve better.

Quallofil® Fusion is a revolutionary blend of 2 high-tech fibres in a cushion which resists flattening and collapsing.
Many of the UK’s largest furniture retailers have already switched to new Quallofil® Fusion and seen complaints fade to negligible levels, while offering the soft look and feel, which only fibre can offer.

firagold international certification
FIRA GOLD product certification.

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